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HiFive Academic Leadership Program

Student Teaching Professional

HiFive's Academic Leadership program is designed to help high-achieving and motivated high school and college students launch their careers and develop real-world leadership and communication skills. Applicants are evaluated holistically on their proficiency in a wide range of subjects, and their ability to create an impactful learning experience for student learners. 

Student teaching professionals have shown mastery in a broad range of subjects, and exhibit leadership drive to help inspire and motivate students. With extensive knowledge of modern school curriculums, they are professionally trained to teach students in a comprehensible manner, identify areas of improvement, track student progress, and provide academic guidance and instruction.

Join a world-class team of student professionals and ivy-league college students who continue to empower the next generation of student learners. 



  • Flexible Schedules

  • Hybrid Tutoring

  • Competitive Compensation


  • Primarily 'A' GPA (3.9+)

  • High standardized test scores (demonstrated via AP, SAT, or ACT test scores)

  • Mastery of a wide range of core academic subjects 

  • Creates an engaging and fun learning experience 

  • Kind and extraverted personality

  • Devoted to HiFive's mission of empowering students to succeed

  • Thoughtfully breaks-down concepts in a clear and understandable manner

  • Excellent and eloquent communicator

  • Boosts student morale & increases test-taking confidence

  • Relates with students of various ages and personalities

  • Professionally communicates with parents and reports on student progress

  • Measures and tracks student progress metrics and strategizes for their success

  • Preferred: Volunteering experience as a student tutor or class leader

Application Process

A quick and streamlined process, all online!


Complete a brief application online.

Qualified applicants will be requested to interview.

Additional calls will be scheduled if we have further questions 


Applicants will be notified within 2 weeks 

We're excited to have you join us and make a difference in the world, one student at a time.

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