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Take the 'stress' out of applying to college by starting early! Filtering out colleges, filling out applications, and writing numerous essays can be a tedious process. Starting early not only relieves stress during senior year, but also allows students ample time to showcase their talents and strengths in their college applications.
We have a team of experts who are here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you don't know where to start, or you are stuck halfway, we are here to help with our college admissions counseling packages. Through our comprehensive admissions package, students will receive one-on-one help from our team of college admissions experts, assistance with essays and interviews, and guidance from start to finish in the college admissions process.
Our admissions package is ideal for high school students who are seeking expert advice through every step of the college admissions process.



We help students start from square 1. We'll walk them through our strategic college application process, help filter out colleges, and set timely goals and checklists so that all materials are submitted in a timely manner.



We understand the applications can be long and tedious. We'll help students every step of the way and review responses.



Personal statements and essays are inarguably the most important part of the college application. We'll help students package their strengths in the best possible way and provide assistance in the essay editing process by ensuring essays are impressively written and free from errors.



Interviews are the next crucial aspect of the admissions process. We help students showcase themselves in the best possible way for admissions interviews by providing insider tips, challenging interview questions, and perfect responses. 

Our students have been admitted to elite colleges and the nation's most competitive programs with acceptance rates <3%, including BS/MD and engineering programs.

Augusta MCG (BS/MD Program)

Boston University

Brown University


Carnegie Mellon

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Georgia Tech

Mercer University

Northwestern University

New Jersey Institute of Technology


Case Western Reserve University




George Washington School of Medicine

Purdue University
Rice University

St. Bonaventure (BS/MD Program)

University of Pennsylvania

UC Berkeley (MET Program)


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