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HiFive Tutoring

Introducing Virtual Tutoring 

 From the convenience of your own home

Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the way students think, interact, and learn. 


Our team at HiFive Tutoring has embraced this transition, and we now offer virtual tutoring, serving students from all over the world. Our innovative and technology-driven instruction offers flexible hours and focused-sessions, tailored to fit each student's unique needs.


The services we provide virtually include all international core academic subjects, College-level Mathematics and AP/IB/SAT/ PSAT/ACT/11+/GCSE test preparation. We also offer tutoring for international exams, including international board exams. For a full list of services, click HERE


The Live Learning Experience

To bring you the most interactive, one-on-one, live learning experience, our tutors use special graphic hardware tools to draw diagrams, solve problems, and model concepts on virtual whiteboard technology. Our goal is to deliver the same personal interaction and visual teaching techniques present in the onsite experience, online. 

Our approach:

How it works:



Play Video
  • Screen share + Whiteboard Tech.

  • Face-to-face video interactions

  • Graphic pen tablet

  • Live session

  • 1-on-1 private lesson

  • Flexible schedules

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 6.28.30 PM.png

*Video is hidden to respect the privacy of the tutor and student​

100% of our clients have shown significant grade improvements. Over 99% of our service is with returning clients, and our 5 star reviews speak for themselves. We take a personal interest in those we serve- as a parent, you will get updates on your child's progress after every session. As your child shows improvement, he or she will be presented with increasingly difficult content to ensure they master every topic. 

Our tutors are from prestigious Ivy-league schools including Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, Brown University, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, and George Washington University, and rank in the top 1% of their classes with high test scores. We require that tutors excel in the subjects they teach. Test Prep tutors are required to have earned a perfect score on the exams they tutor. 


What's Included?

To get you started, we'll send you a diagnostic test. Then, we'll analyze your strengths/weaknesses and craft a personalized curriculum map that optimizes improvement. During the first lesson, we will go over this plan and start providing instruction on important topics, so you can get a feel for how much we care! As you continue, we will provide various checkpoint assessments to guarantee performance that excels expectations. All on us! 


Top Tutors



What our online clients are saying...

We have hundreds of students on our online platform from various regions around the world, including Europe, India, and the UAE.

"My daughter has really enjoyed being tutored by HiFive in math. She was hesitant on the online tutoring at first, but now loves it. It is convenient and the tutor really tries to accommodate the time that works for you. The tutor is great in explaining the material at a level my daughter can understand. My daughter really enjoys the teaching style and feels more confident in the material after the sessions."

Jilka P.

"HiFive Tutoring has wonderful and really helpful tutors. They helped me with my academics and study habits. They provide useful test taking strategies, study guides, and overall guidance. My grades really improved and my SAT score went up several hundred points with their help. They are extremely caring and invested as well. Totally worth it!"

Zoya V.

"Our tutor is a very cool online tutor. She explains the material very well with proper examples. I have enjoyed all of her online classes. Definitely."

Sudeeksha P. 

"Great online tutoring services, and kind tutors!"

Alli S. 

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