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HiFive Tutoring

Introducing Virtual Tutoring 

 From the convenience of your own home

Technology is rapidly revolutionizing the way students think, interact, and learn. 


Our team at HiFive Tutoring has embraced this transition, and we now offer virtual tutoring, serving students from all over the world. Our innovative and technology-driven instruction offers flexible hours and focused-sessions, tailored to fit each student's unique needs.


The services we provide virtually include all international core academic subjects, College-level Mathematics and AP/IB/SAT/ PSAT/ACT/11+/GCSE test preparation. We also offer tutoring for international exams, including international board exams. For a full list of services, click HERE


Our approach:

The Live Learning Experience

To bring you the most interactive, one-on-one, live learning experience, our tutors use special graphic hardware tools to draw diagrams, solve problems, and model concepts on virtual whiteboard technology. Our goal is to deliver the same personal interaction and visual teaching techniques present in the onsite experience, online. 

How it works: