Smart integrated data platform for seismic grant search & shelter protection

Roofable is an integrated platform that connects government/private loans and grants with homeowners in need.

It aggregates all the available grants and loans in different geographic areas, as well as housing data, from individual cities. 

Powered by AI/ML, Roofable can provide insightful metrics and calculations for an improved home loan search process.




There are dozens of house types in California, many of which are in need of seismic reinforcement. Grants exist to assist homeowners reinforce their homes, but it is extremely hard to navigate the multitude of city, county, state, and federal grants and their corresponding requirements. 

  • Soft-story buildings

    • Grants available in individual cities (Berkeley, Oakland, etc.)

    • Federal grants from FEMA

  • Residential housing

    • Bolt + Brace program

    • Individual grants from cities


Create an platform (website + app) that: 

  1. Aggregates all the different types of seismic grants available in the state and presents them in a digestible manner

  2. Home identification

    1. Homes already in city databases - simply enter street address for information

    2. Allows homeowners to register their homes (building type, build, age, building history such as leakage, break-in, etc.)

      1. If homeowners don’t know the information, offer subsidized inspection from the app

  3. Select building providers straight from the platform

    1. Incorporate ads for builders who want higher visibility

  4. Overtime build up a database of homes in the state that allows easy identification of building history for insurance/purchasing purposes

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Avanthika Ramesh