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Welcome to HiFive Education

Education for students by students

Who we are & Why we're here

In today’s generation, kids learn differently. The education system has transformed significantly over the past two decades, and school curriculums are frequently updated to match this evolution. Blackboards, ELMO machines, and older teaching methods are now rendered obsolete, and even the simplest concepts are now taught through widely different means. As a result, it is understandably difficult for parents to keep up with their student’s latest trends in education! Just as we seek to make learning easy, motivating, and fun for students at HiFive, we also want education, understanding, and progress to be easy and accessible for parents. So with these goals in mind, we introduce you to HiFive.

At HiFive, we hire active and recently graduated students as tutors. By harnessing both our tutors’ talents and fresh student experiences, we foster a trusting, engaging environment of practical knowledge-sharing and growth. In closing the generational teaching gap between student and tutor, we hope to not only create an engaging and enriching learning environment, but to also open the door to the experiences and wisdom these young tutors have to share.

Our team is united through our common passion for sharing knowledge and promoting accessible, equitable, and inclusive education for every student and their unique learning style. We welcome K-12 students from all learning backgrounds, including students with special learning abilities (ADHD, ESL, Autism, Asperger’s, Dyslexia). Our tutors have been trained to adopt a creative, student-focused instructional approach, and we strive to lead by example, inspiring students to indulge in learning from a new light and realize their full potential. As all students learn differently, our tutors adapt to each student through various teaching methods, allowing students to not only feel confident in learning, but also excited to expand their knowledge, through the positive and encouraging environment here at HiFive. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Curated study guides and notes

  • 1–1 attention for the entire duration of sessions

  • Long term tutor who is matched based on student personality

  • Progress tracking and measured goals

  • Supplemental materials to augment student understanding

  • A personal advisor to assist with education advice and direction

  • Holistically-trained tutors who can help with all core subject areas

  • Assistance with study skills, academic motivation, and organization

Through HiFive, the opportunity to see students utilize their education to overcome barriers, expand their knowledge frontiers, and explore new horizons is extremely energizing and fulfilling. By laying the learning foundations for students, we are so enthusiastic to witness how HiFive educationally empowers students on a global scale to become innovative adults. We are excited to see how today’s students will contribute to a better world, and we look forward to continuing to grow these brilliant minds in the years to come.

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30 jan. 2023
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Appreciate the focus on students and offering a modern and personalized teaching style with so much flexibility.

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