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What to do to Refresh your Mind during the Holidays

While major breaks are surely enjoyable and leisurely, students can still dedicate some time toward staying on track!

Refresh on Material

Long breaks can be taxing on a student's academic progress. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break are just a few examples of these extended school vacations. We recommend spending between half an hour to two hours per week reviewing students’ most missed concepts or any confusing topics. Spending this minimal time refreshing the student’s brain will allow the student to continue to exponentially progress through their learning.

It is highly common for students to spend a week away from school, arrive back in the classroom, and forget everything they learned just weeks prior. For middle and high schoolers, the stretch between Thanksgiving Break and winter finals week is an extremely important hinge point. Choosing to review incrementally over the break will help with final exam preparation and reduce later stress, while also reinforcing previous content. In the long-run, students will be grateful for the little bit of extra time they put in on the days not spent eating Turkey!

Stimulate the Mind

For busy students, breaks are a great way to keep the mind active, but in a different area than traditional coursework. School vacations are a great time for students to grab that book they’ve always wanted to read, visit a cool museum or exhibit, or even watch a movie or documentary discussing one of their passions. Breaks are a wonderful opportunity for outside-of-the-box learning!

Get in Touch with your Tutor

Breaks are also a great time to reach out to your tutor and receive additional help. Since there is no further material to understand during the week, this leaves more time to brush up on previous content or get ahead on the next unit.

If the student thinks about it from a learning curve standpoint, other students who spend no time reviewing content will either be flat on the curve or begin to slope downwards. Students who reinforce their content may start passing them on the curve or even start sloping upward in achievement.

Let us know how we can help! For more information, questions, or feedback, please reach out!


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